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Interior Privacy Door Knobs, 10 Pack - Keyless Locking Ball-Satin Nickel Finish


Ilyapa Privacy Door Knobs
With a one-directional locking function and improved finish, these privacy knobs are ideal for bedroom and bathroom applications. To unlock, no privacy key is needed - unlock from outside with coin or flat blade screwdriver

Built with strength and smooth finishes, these knobs will last for years to come.

Fit is assured as these knobs will fit on standard, existing, pre-drilled doors. Universal handling allows this hardware to be installed on both left and right handed doors.

Includes free mounting hardware for quick and easy installation.

Installation Instructions (Same for Passage and Privacy Knobs)

Insert Latch
After removing existing hardware with the provided installation key, insert the adjustable latch (2 3/8" or 2 3/4") making sure it is parallel to the door face until it is flush to the door. Secure it with the screws provided on your kit.

Attach Knobs
Place the exterior knob with the two anchors and the spindle guide into the holes of the latch.

Then, slide on the inner knob and secure it with the longest screws provided.

Install Strike
Make sure the depth of strike box fits the hole of prior strike box.

Insert the strike box first followed by the strike plate, and secure with the provided screws.