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Ilyapa 12 oz Glass Juice Bottle Pack of 6 Glass Drinking Bottles with Lids Perfect For Juice, Milk, Coffee, Tea, Kombucha


DURABLE GLASSWARE - Made with high quality durable glass, these crystal clear jars are built to withstand any clinks, splashes or spills, making them the perfect on the go container. Ilyapa glassware is dishwasher safe.

KEEPS CONTENTS FRESH - The provided lids keep these juice bottles airtight and leakproof. Tight seals ensure the contents inside stays as fresh and delicious as the day you bottled it.

WIDE MOUTH - This vintage water bottle set features a wide mouth opening ideal for pouring, storing, drinking, and cleaning.

VERSATILE USE - Ilyapa refillable 12oz. glass set is perfect for storing smoothies, water, juice, milk, coffee, tea, kombucha, kefir, brew, or more beverages! These bottles are also great for storing dry goods such as spices and herbs.

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - Ilyapa stands behind all of its glassware 100%. This bottle set comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. Register online for a free lifetime warranty.